Academic Catalog 2023-24

Business Administration (BA, Minor)

Dominican University of California's Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration degree program offered in the Barowsky School of Business (BSB) uniquely prepares students to be socially responsible leaders of sustainable organizations that make a positive difference in the world. This uniqueness stems from the distinct strengths of both the program design and the faculty who teach in the program. BSB’s undergraduate business degree program adheres to the highest standards for business education as evidenced by the School’s accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), the organization that accredits the best business schools in the world.

Acknowledging that sustainable organizations result from ethical and socially responsible leadership, ecologically sustainable entrepreneurship or business practices, and a global mindset, the program offers an integrative approach that infuses ethical leadership, sustainability, and globalization throughout the curriculum. Our faculty consists of scholars and practitioners who come with both a research and business practice background, assuring students of a balanced exposure to multiple viewpoints across their classroom experiences.

Further supporting the uniqueness of the BA in Business Administration is the program’s exceptional degree of flexibility, supporting the maximum expression of students’ individual interests. Students are encouraged to participate in an internship, study abroad for a semester, engage in community service, and participate in networking opportunities such as becoming an active participant in the Barowsky Student Association (BSA). An additional benefit of the flexible curriculum is that students transferring from other accredited institutions can typically complete the BA in Business Administration in two years if they transfer in lower division major requirements. Students must choose one or more concentrations from a choice of five, in addition to the business core requirements. The concentration choices are:

  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Global Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

Given this breadth of options, students can customize their educational experience to best support their goals and aspirations. Whether seeking to build a generalist business foundation or to begin focusing on an in-depth area of expertise within business, students will find that the program encourages individual expression.

Program Learning Outcomes


Goal 1 (Business Knowledge): Our students will have business knowledge within functional areas. Learning Objective: Our students will make business decisions by applying theories within different functional disciplines.

Goal 2 (Communication Competency): Our students will be effective communicators. Learning Objective: Our students will deliver compelling business presentations.

Goal 3 (Global Business Competency): Our students will have a global business perspective. Learning Objective: Our students will develop cross-cultural business competency.
Goal 4 (Leadership Competency): Our students will be ethical leaders. Learning Objective: Our students will demonstrate ethical decision making in leadership scenarios.

Goal 5 (Sustainability Competency): Our students will have a commitment to sustainability. Learning Objective: Our students will apply sustainability frameworks to real business situations.

The Barowsky School of Business subscribes to the philosophy that continual assessment of program learning outcomes is required to continuously improve the education we provide to students earning degrees in the School. Student participation in these activities is essential. In order to accomplish our goals, we require that all students enrolled in degree programs offered by the Barowsky School of Business fully and cooperatively participate in the outcome assessment activities of the School.

All transfer course equivalencies are evaluated  are evaluated and approved by the the Barowsky School of Business. Equivalent transfer courses with a grade of ‘C’ or higher may apply to the business programs. 

Students may apply two 'D' or 'D+' grades earned at Dominican University of California to the Business Administration major ('D-' grades are not accepted). One of the two grades may be in a concentration. All other work in the concentration must be a 'C-' or better, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the major and in each concentration.

Business Administration students are strongly encouraged to engage in an activity that requires the application of theory learned in the classroom to the outside world. These activities may include any of the following: an internship (e.g. BUS 4996), a service-learning course (SL), or a study abroad experience.

A grade of 'P' indicates work completed with a 'C' or better. A grade of 'NP' is work completed with a 'C-' or lower.