Academic Catalog 2023-24

ACS 4995 Part-Time Supervised Work Experience

The part-time Supervised Work Experience (SWE) is a paid or unpaid internship or full-time work that happens either between or at the end of a student’s years in the Applied Computer Science (ACS) program. Students work with the Director of Career Development for the ACS program, and once accepted into their position, continue to work with them. Students are in constant contact with the Director of Career Development. Every two weeks, they are required to send a written update on their learning and learning plan. Students are managed and supervised at their workplace according to the policies of their employer. Students may begin registering once they have secured a full-time internship or full-time job that lasts at least 12 weeks by filling out the form that can be obtained from the Director of Career Development for the ACS program.


3.00 units