Academic Catalog 2023-24

ACS 4912 Spring Intensive 2 (INT 2.3)

Intensive courses are hands on, immersive experiences designed to give students time to apply their skills to building original products (website or apps) and practice software engineering skills. The course is a week and a half of coding all day with daily check ins and feedback from instructors on progress, short instructional sessions on key concepts, and ongoing support from instructors and classmates. In this intensive, students have the flexibility to work on a team or solo and to either start a new project or build upon an old project. Key concepts include advanced topics in collaboration and peer feedback. The Spring Intensive ends with a Demo Night in which students pitch their products to dozens of industry contacts, recruiters, and Make School partners. Students will be deep in the hiring process at this time, and post intensive work days include applying for employment at companies pitched to during Demo Night. Prerequisites: None


2.00 units