Academic Catalog 2023-24

ACS 4210 Patterns & Practices in Strongly Typed Languages (BEW 2.5)

In this course, students discover the value of strongly typed languages in server-side architectures, and dive deep into performant, concurrent programming paradigms present in Go. In studying Go, which is known for its ability to blend the expressive features of dynamic languages (Python, JavaScript) with the performance capabilities of compiled languages (C, C++), students will gain the syntactic diversity required in today's large-scale platform engineering pursuits. Throughout the course, students will learn and implement the design patterns and best practices that make Go a top choice at high-velocity startups like Lyft, Heroku, Docker, and Medium. Prerequisites: ACS 1220 (BEW 1.2), ACS 2130 (CS 1.3)


3.00 units