Academic Catalog 2022-23

Preliminary Education Specialist Credential: Mild/Moderate Support Needs for Multiple or Single Subject Credential Holders


In addition to the Master of Science in Education requirements, the student takes these 24 units.

Foundational Courses

EDU 5020Differentiating Instruction for Inclusive Classrooms

4.00 units

Total Credit Hours:4

Pedagogy and Reflective Practice

EDU 5302Program Design

4.00 units

EDU 5304Informal & Formal Assessment

4.00 units

EDU 5306Behavior Intervention and Support

4.00 units

EDU 5309Advanced Curriculum

4.00 units

Total Credit Hours:16

Supervised Fieldwork

EDU 5385Special Education Supervised Teaching Seminar

4.00 units



EDU 5003Internship Teaching

0.00 units


EDU 5004Internship Completion

1.00 unit

Total Credit Hours:4

Total Credit Hours: 40