Academic Catalog 2022-23

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University is for students who plan to leave the University and not return. Anytime a student receiving financial aid withdraws from the university, there are financial aid implications. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a financial aid counselor prior to making the decision to withdraw, to understand the implications.

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University must file an Application for Withdrawal from the University with the Registrar’s Office. Students who have been academically dismissed from the University are automatically withdrawn and do not need to file the Withdrawal form.

Before initiating the withdrawal process, students planning to withdraw should consult with their academic advisor. Graduate programs require the signature of the program director on the withdrawal form.

Students planning to return to the University within one semester of their last enrolled semester should file a Leave of Absence form instead (see the Leave of Absence section of this catalog).


Registered students who file the Withdrawal form in the Registrar’s Office prior to the withdrawal term’s deadline for a tuition refund and prior to the deadline to drop courses will be dropped from all registered courses for the semester. The policies and deadlines for a refund are found in the Business Services Office's webpage.

If the Withdrawal form is filed in the Registrar’s Office after these dates, or if no form is filed, all tuition, fees, and other appropriate charges will be due. If the form is filed before the deadline to Withdraw from courses, all registered courses for the term will be assigned a ‘W’ (Withdrawn) grade. However, if the form is filed after the withdraw deadline, or if a student stops attending course without filing the Withdrawal form, failing (‘F’ or ‘UF’) grades may be posted to the student’s record. For dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Returning to the University

In order to re-enroll after withdrawing, students must submit the Re-Enrollment Application, a paper registration form, and official transcripts for any coursework they have taken off-campus while withdrawn. For further information regarding re-enrollment, please see the Re-Enrollment section of this catalog.

Returning students who were on Academic Probation or Academic Warning at the time of filing the Withdrawal form will remain on Academic Probation/Warning for one semester. Such students are subject to the same criteria for academic good standing outlined above; see the Academic Standing section of this catalog for further information.

Students who were academically dismissed from the university must apply for reinstatement in order to be considered.  For further information regarding reinstatement, please see the Reinstatement section of this catalog.

Students returning within two semesters may retain the graduation requirements in effect at the time of first matriculation; students who do not return within two semesters may be required to meet the graduation requirements in effect at the time of their re-enrollment.