Academic Catalog 2021-22

RLGN 3001 Dance and Spiritual Expression

Drawing on the wisdom of Kimerer LaMothe, Friedrich Nietzsche, and other scholars, philosophers, and dancers, this course demonstrates the power of dance to open human beings to knowledge and experience that we would not otherwise have. In case studies drawn from around the world, we see dancing bodies as instruments of devotion, and as vehicles for traveling through different realms of reality. We see moving bodies as catalysts for spiritual change, and as vessels for religious meaning. We see women and men finding in dance a medium for expressing and becoming their highest ideals. The course is divided into three interrelated sections: "Dance in the World’s Religions" – "Dance in the Modern West: Religious Impulses and Aspects" – "Dance, Philosophy, and the Study of Religion."


4.00 units

Cross Listed Courses

DANC 3001, RLGN 5001