Thesis Continuation: Undergraduate

Each academic department has a specified set of Senior thesis/Senior project courses. These vary in number and unit value by department, depending on the nature of the discipline and the methodology the department has determined best for the completion of the thesis or project. Certain departments do not permit thesis continuation and students are responsible for knowing the policy on continuation in their own department.

Some academic departments permit students who do not complete the thesis/project within the department’s normal course sequence to register for one semester of thesis continuation. There is a fee charged for thesis continuation, which is in addition to tuition for any other courses in which the student may be enrolled. Students who do not complete the thesis or project during the department's regular course or course sequence receive a ‘PR’ grade. When the student finishes the Senior thesis or culminating project, the ‘PR’ grades are replaced by the thesis grade. Thesis continuation may not be repeated.

If the student does not successfully complete the thesis or project at the end of the thesis continuation semester, a ‘UF’ replaces the ‘PR’ grade in the department’s Senior thesis or culminating project course sequence. If the student receives a ‘UF’ and later wants to return to complete the thesis/project, they must have the approval of the Department Chair to re-enroll in the department’s appropriate Senior thesis/project course(s) for the appropriate units* and pay at the tuition rate then applicable.  *Determination of the appropriate number of units includes calculating the volume and the quality of the work as well as the time it will take the student and the reader(s) to accomplish final completion.