Independent Learning Activities

The following categories represent a variety of independent learning options available to Dominican students:

  • Independent Study (IS) courses with numbers ending in “99” (Note: Only one IS course may be taken in any given semester and a maximum of two IS courses may be applied toward the degree. Students pay the same tuition for independent study as for lecture/lab courses.)
  • Research Assistantships
  • Teaching Assistantships
  • Internships
    • The Internship Program integrates students' academic learning and personal and professional development through hands-on, practical application work experience related to their major in the professional setting.
    • Internships can be either on campus or off campus
    • Students are responsible for collaborating with their faculty advisor to secure an internship and complete the Internship Contract by the designated deadline

    Each option requires a special contract, which specifies the conditions, duration, methodologies, and outcomes necessary for earning academic credit. The contract is signed by the student, the instructor/coordinator, the Chair of the academic department, and the Dean of the school. The Internship Contract also required the signature of the Director of Career Development. The course may be in any field, provided the department considers the student's preparation adequate. The study must not duplicate the content covered by a regularly scheduled, available course offered in the same semester.