In-Progress Grades

In-progress grades are given only for thesis courses, directed research, or other specialized capstone courses requiring that work extends into the following semester. The In-Progress form must be signed and submitted by the instructor during the grading period for the semester, at the same time that grade rosters are submitted. In-progress grades are not allowed for internships. Students do not re-register for the same course in which an In-Progress grade was received. 

Unless an earlier date is specified on the request form/contract, all coursework for an incomplete or in- progress course incurred during the Spring semester or Summer sessions must be submitted to the instructor by the following December 1. For those incurred during the Fall semester, all coursework must be submitted by the following May 1. An ‘In-Progress’ grade does not penalize a student academically in computing the grade point average for the current semester and does not prevent an otherwise qualified student from being on the Dean's List. Students who receive financial aid must seek the advice of their financial aid counselor to ensure that the 'In Progress" does not jeopardize their Financial Aid eligibility. Grades of 'PR' are automatically changed to 'UF' if no grade is submitted by the appropriate deadline.