Course Attendance and Participation

The instructor establishes the attendance policy for a course, and determines the degree to which course participation and course attendance count toward the final grade in a course. Academic work begins and ends on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar and the University’s online course schedule. Permission to make up work missed during absences, including the first day of the course, is at the discretion of the instructor of a course.

Attendance and Reporting

Attendance at the first session of each course is important; if circumstances demand that a student miss the first session of a course, the student must contact the instructor immediately. As stated above, permission to make up work during an absence is at the discretion of the instructor.

Attendance information recorded by instructors for the first two weeks of course meetings will be shared with University administration in order to ensure compliance with federal financial aid regulations, which require that the University establish evidence of student participation or absence before disbursing aid funds. Unexcused absences for two or more consecutive weeks without the express permission of the instructor may result in administrative withdrawal.

Student Responsibilities

It is the student’s responsibility to know the attendance policy in each course for which they are registered.

A student who knows in advance that it will be necessary to miss a course session should inform the instructor immediately. A student who is ill for a period of time exceeding one week or who has a family emergency should also contact the Office of the Dean of Students and the Student Success Center, who will notify the Registrar’s Office and/or the instructors.

Students who require special accommodation for University-sponsored activities, such as intercollegiate athletic competition, must arrange for such accommodation with each instructor in advance, as early as possible.  Student athletes should contact the Faculty Athletic Representative for information about requesting accommodation during the season.

It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop, add, or withdraw from courses, in consultation with the academic advisor. Information regarding deadlines and policies for enrollment changes can be found on the Registrar’s Office website and in the Academic Calendar.

Each student is responsible for all of the material covered in a course, as outlined in the course syllabus. Students who have been approved by an instructor to add a course after the first day of the course are responsible for working with the instructor to develop a timeline for making up all work and meeting all course requirements by the end of the semester; this includes Independent Study courses and tutorial sections.


All students are required to take the regularly scheduled final examination except in cases of an emergency. Final examinations may not be taken in advance of the scheduled time, nor may examinations be deferred for non-emergency reasons (e.g., travel, going home for the holidays, etc.). In the rare case that an examination must be taken outside of the officially scheduled time, permission must be obtained from the instructor. The instructor makes appropriate arrangements for administering the examination at a time that is mutually acceptable. Normally, a student is not permitted to retake a final examination.