Academic Catalog 2020-21

Music (BA, Minor), Music with a Concentration in Performance (BA)

The Dominican Music Program, thriving in 125 years of rich history and tradition, provides serious studies of music within a strong liberal arts curriculum. A broad and thorough foundation is offered in music theory, musicianship, music history, and with emphasis in ensemble performances, and applied music studies (private instruction) of students’ choosing.

Music, BA degree is designed for students who plan careers in music, who need a broader general education and less emphasis upon solo performance. Students who are interested in double majoring or would like to pursue a demanding minor in another discipline would be recommended for this program.

Music, BA with Concentration in Performance includes a strong emphasis on performance, along with supportive studies in music. This program will carry a larger unit load for applied music courses. Students who are interested in pursuing performance and/or considering going on to graduate studies in music are recommended for this program.

Music Minor degree is designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the intellectual, social, and spiritual values of music in the individual's cultural life through Dominican University of California performance, the study of theory and literature, participation in performing ensembles, and listening to music.

The music program also welcomes non-music majors to participate in the program's performing ensembles, to study an instrument or voice in group or private study, to learn about music through music history and appreciation courses, and to study music through the Core program.

Program Learning Outcomes

Music graduates will demonstrate:

  1. Competency in music theory, aural skills and formal structure of diverse styles.
  2. Understanding of music history as evidenced by ability to differentiate style periods, performance practices and representative composers and their works.
  3. Performance skills that exhibit technical proficiency and effective artistic expression, in their primary performance mediums.
  4. Ability to engage in cooperative and inclusive learning, and creative expression through ensemble studies and performances.