Dominican MBA Program

A Dominican MBA will provide students with the skills and knowledge today’s businesses, non-profits and government agencies demand in their employees: the ability to make leadership decisions, a deep understanding of how to develop socially and economically sustainable practices, and a global perspective.

Dominican’s classroom experience allows students to interact with their peers and faculty at an intensive level. Faculty emphasize academic rigor with real world relevance; placing a priority on strong teaching and providing opportunities for students to discuss their assignments and research in a way that allows them to apply what they learn in the classroom today into the workplace tomorrow.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The Dominican MBA’s comprehensive curriculum combines an interdisciplinary set of core business courses with forward-looking specializations in leadership, sustainability or global business, and resume-building experiential learning opportunities. The program includes:

  • A 30-unit common core that gives you a thorough grounding in accounting, finance, marketing, operations and other business disciplines.
  • A three-unit Capstone course, as a part their common core, that integrates previous coursework combined with a major consulting project.
  • A three-unit Global Immersion Trip elective consisting of 10-day international trip during which students travel to a destination country to learn about international business environments. In this course, students strengthen their knowledge related to doing business in global markets by visiting host country organizations and immersing themselves in foreign cultures.
  • Specialty coursework tin electives that allow students to tailor their program to suit their individual needs or complete concentrations in business analytics, global business, or healthcare leadership.

The Dominican MBA focuses on leadership, team-building, communication and negotiation skills every professional needs to be successful.

Graduate degree candidates must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 ('B') or higher in the graduate program and may have only two final grades of 'C' in their coursework at the time of graduation.  Any grade below 'C" (2.0) will not satisfy the graduation requirement for a graduate degree. Students may repeat courses in which they received a grade of 'C' or below. If a student repeats a course in which they received a grade of 'C' or below, the most recently earned letter grade will determine whether a degree requirement has been met. All the letter grades for all the registered courses during the graduate program will be listed on the transcript. 

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Substantive Business Knowledge: Our students will have substantive understanding of core business functions. Learning Objective: Our students will devise insightful solutions for business.
  2. Critical Thinking: Our students will have the ability to draw meaning from data. Learning Objective: Our students will generate data-driven alternatives.
  3. Management & Change Leadership: Our students will be effective managers and change leaders. Learning Objective: Our students will incorporate effective leadership and management practices in organizations.
  4. Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Ethical Decision Making: Our students will be socially responsible decision makers. Learning Objective: Our students will design socially responsible business strategies.
  5. Global Business: Our students will be innovative decision makers in the global marketplace. Learning Objective: Our students will formulate strategies to solve complex business problems in a global context.