Adult Degree Completion Program in Psychology (BA, Minor)

The Adult Degree Completion Program undergraduate psychology major combines classroom research and learning with field experience to prepare graduates for a range of academic and professional careers. The Psychology curriculum includes courses that explore theory, research and applied techniques, preparing students to think analytically and at the same time develop their ability to thoroughly probe issues by asking the right questions.

The program size allows for one-on-one interaction with the department’s well-qualified faculty, which include practicing psychologists, acclaimed teachers, and researchers.

For the General Psychology Minor and additional program details, see the Undergraduate Psychology Day Program and Courses section of this catalog.

Program Learning Outcomes

In keeping with Dominican’s goal for students’ intellectual development, the undergraduate Psychology Department has identified the following student learning objectives for those seeking a major in Psychology. (Note: some of the program learning outcomes listed do not apply for those seeking a minor in Psychology).

The student will demonstrate:

  1. Familiarity with the major concepts, diverse perspectives, research outcomes, and historical trends in psychology.
  2. Understanding and ethical application of the scientific method in psychology.
  3. Understanding and application of psychological theory and principles to a diverse range of real life issues and personal development.
  4. Knowledge, understanding, and the ability to think critically about empirical findings in psychology.
  5. Comprehension of the range of career possibilities in psychology and the development of a personal career plan.
  6. Ability to communicate psychological principles effectively in a variety of formats, demonstrating technological and information literacy.