Adult Degree Completion Program in Management (BA)

**This program is no longer accepting new students**

The BA in Management is designed for mid-career professionals who seek to take their personal and professional experiences to the next level by earning a university degree with a business major. This streamlined program is a 33-unit major tailored to meet the needs of working adult students. 

Courses in the Management major will be offered in the evenings, with some being taught in a blended face-to-face/online format, providing students with increased flexibility to earn their degree while continuing in their careers.

The courses are designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in classic business theory and knowledge while incorporating current challenges such as leadership in the new economy or marketing in the age of the Internet. Students will gain knowledge of the primary functional areas within business–accounting, finance, organizational behavior, information technology, and marketing–but more importantly, they will develop an understanding of how these areas affect one another and how they help contribute to an organization’s strategic purpose. Research, readings, case studies, homework assignments, lectures, and classroom discussions hone students’ strategic thinking and analytical skills. Small class sizes enable students to build interpersonal business skills by leading presentations, and working closely with faculty and other students. Studies in leadership and culture prepare students for work in an increasingly global environment. The unique characteristics of this dynamic environment, blending theory with the experiences of working adult students, enrich the learning experience.

Business Adult Degree Completion (ADC) students may complete one of the concentrations offered in the Business Undergraduate Day Program if the student is available to take concentration courses during the day when these courses are typically offered. Prerequisite requirements for the concentration courses may be met by successful completion of the equivalent Business ADC course prior to enrolling in a concentration course.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Adult Degree Completion Program BA in Management will demonstrate:

Goal 1 (Business Knowledge): Our students will have business knowledge within functional areas. Learning Objective: Our students will make business decisions by applying theories within different functional disciplines.

Goal 2 (Communication Competency): Our students will be effective communicators. Learning Objective: Our students will deliver compelling business presentations.

Goal 3 (Global Business Competency): Our students will have a global business perspective. Learning Objective: Our students will develop cross-cultural business competency.
Goal 4 (Leadership Competency): Our students will be ethical leaders. Learning Objective: Our students will demonstrate ethical decision making in leadership scenarios.

Goal 5 (Sustainability Competency): Our students will have a commitment to sustainability. Learning Objective: Our students will apply sustainability frameworks to real business situations.