Adult Degree Completion Program in Leadership and Management (BA)

The BA in Leadership and Management is a bachelor degree completion program offered by the Barowsky School of Business and is designed for mid-career professionals who seek to finish their BA degree while they work. The program features key organizational, leadership and management theories that apply best business practices to effectively manage resources and projects while ethically leading individuals and teams to achieve common goals and constructive organizational change in the context of corporate social responsibility, law and ethics. Students will also gain knowledge of budgeting, business communications, data analytics, marketing, and global and cultural impacts on business. Students will develop an understanding of how these areas impact one another and how they contribute to an organization’s strategic purpose.Studies in Leadership and Management highlight organizational culture in an increasingly global environment. The unique characteristics of this dynamic environment, blending theory with the experience of mid-career professionals, enrich the learning experience.

In a collaborative learning environment, this streamlined, hybrid (partially online and partially face-to-face) and lock step program is tailored to meet the needs of the mid-career professional. The program is designed so that one may maintain one’s job while completing their bachelor’s degree.

Beginning the program with the dynamic Experiential Learning two-course component, students sequentially complete the Foundations in Adult Learning and the Critical Inquiry and Reflective Writing course, meeting in class one night a week in the first semester. These courses incorporate the Experiential Learning Portfolio where mid-career professionals may earn elective and general education college units by demonstrating university-level learning gained from personal and professional life experience.

Courses in the Leadership and Management major start in semester two and are completed one course at a time for seven weeks, with every other week class sessions interspersed with face-to-face campus sessions and online weekly sessions. The online sessions will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, and vary by course.

The Experiential Learning Program and the courses in the major can be completed in 24 months. Students who need remaining Elective and General Education units may complete those units concurrently on a second night or after the major is complete, depending on the students’ pace.

Students who earn a minimum of a 3.3 GPA in the Marketing for Managers course and the Organization Development and Leading Change course and choose to pursue the MBA following the BA graduation may waive these courses in the Barowsky Business School’s MBA program.

Small class sizes enable students to build interpersonal business skills by leading presentations and working closely with faculty and other students.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Adult Degree Completion Program BA in Management will demonstrate:

Goal 1 (Business Knowledge): Our students will have business knowledge within functional areas. Learning Objective: Our students will make business decisions by applying theories within different functional disciplines.

Goal 2 (Communication Competency): Our students will be effective communicators. Learning Objective: Our students will deliver compelling business presentations.

Goal 3 (Global Business Competency): Our students will have a global business perspective. Learning Objective: Our students will develop cross-cultural business competency.
Goal 4 (Leadership Competency): Our students will be ethical leaders. Learning Objective: Our students will demonstrate ethical decision making in leadership scenarios.

Goal 5 (Sustainability Competency): Our students will have a commitment to sustainability. Learning Objective: Our students will apply sustainability frameworks to real business situations.