Academic Catalog 2019-20

President’s Welcome

Mary B Marcy

Welcome to Dominican University of California.

Here you will pursue a well-rounded education that aligns classroom with real-world experiences in order to prepare you for college success and long-term career satisfaction.

Our signature program, The Dominican Experience, combines personal attention with high-quality liberal arts and professional programs. We offer a tailored distinctive program for every student while also ensuring our students have access to coursework essential for today’s digital economy.

Dominican is one of the few institutions in the nation holding our students to the highest academic standards while asking them to apply that experience to the community and to the world. You will have the opportunity to integrate your academic work with practical application, through service projects, internships, study abroad, research, and leadership programs.

The 2019-20 academic year sees the introduction of a new curriculum designed to preserve the best of the university’s academic resources while building new programs, partnerships and initiatives that respond to current needs and prepare students for a rapidly changing world and workplace.

Our new curriculum provides students with greater flexibility in determining the course of their education, while remaining open to pursuing new ideas and experiences. We offer a core curriculum defined by skills and competencies that align with the Dominican Experience. The result will be a personalized and broad intellectual journey.

As you navigate through this catalog, you will find the policies we use to ensure your degree or credential is one of the highest quality. These policies also reflect a strong social and intellectual community, of which you are a part. It is a campus that will both challenge and support you.

We welcome you to our community of scholars and invite you to review our academic offerings listed in this catalog.

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Mary B. Marcy