Re-Enrolling at Dominican University of California

Former Dominican students who seek to complete an unfinished degree are welcome to apply for re-enrollment. This applies to students who were previously admitted and enrolled in a degree program and left the university in good academic, financial, and disciplinary standing.

For information and instructions about appealing for reinstatement after having left, or been dismissed from, the university not in good standing, please see the Reinstatement in Dominican University of California section of this catalog.

In most cases, re-enrolling does not require returning students to go through the admission process a second time. Instead, approval of the Academic Advisor, Program Director, and the Registrar are all that is needed. Business Services and the Financial Aid Office also play a role in providing verification that the returning student is in good fiscal standing and is well-informed of all financial facts, options, benefits, and responsibilities. Compiling various documents that may be required when applying for re-enrollment can take some time, so several weeks should be allowed for the full process.

In some cases, a student may have been away from Dominican for a long enough period that the original admission documents and official transcripts from other schools no longer exist in our files. We generally hold paper files for seven years after the last term of enrollment. In these cases, a student may be asked to reapply through Admissions and/or to re-submit any missing documents needed for their record. This will be determined by the Registrar when the re-enrollment application and required documents have been submitted and reviewed.

The Application for Re-enrollment is available on the Registrar's Office website at

All instructions are included on page 2 of the re-enrollment application. Please review them carefully. Once all required documents have been submitted to the Registrar, and all approvals have been granted, students will receive notification of their new enrollment status. Please allow 5-10 working days for processing after all required signatures and materials are submitted.

Please note: During the student’s absence from the university, policies regarding matriculation, degree requirements, and graduation may have changed. Requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment will apply, unless an exception has been specifically requested and approved on the re-enrollment application. University catalogs from 2006 through 2016 are available on the Dominican website at Students who had previously applied to graduate will be asked to complete a new graduation application at the time of re-enrollment.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information regarding re-enrollment.