Academic Catalog 2019-20

POL 3563 Politics of Developing Countries

This course focuses on the common problems facing developing countries and is designed to answer the following questions: What is development? What factors contribute to development? Why are some countries more successful in achieving development? What are some major problems that keep some countries from developing? How does colonialism account for development? Is economic development necessary for political development? Is political development necessary for economic development? How does the developed world contribute to the success or failure of lesser-developed countries? In order to answer these questions, the first part of the course introduces the approaches, methodologies, and theories used to understand development. The second part covers the myriad of issues facing the developing world with examples from Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa to search for solutions. The course culminates with a research project to be presented at an undergraduate academic conference. (International Politics and Policy Designated, Research Designated)


4.00 units