Academic Catalog 2019-20

PA 5111 Clinical Assessment

The cornerstone of what physician assistants do is to obtain a medical history and perform a physical examination. As a profession we have gained recognition for our ability to do this in an extremely organized and thorough manner, many times discovering aspects or physical findings not previously uncovered. These lecture/laboratory courses are designed to present and teach the techniques for performing and documenting a complete and competent history and physical examination and to begin to interpret both historical and physical findings as applicable to the physiologic and/or disease state of a patient. Lectures will focus on history taking skills including communication skills and the normal physiologic findings for each system of the body in addition to discussing abnormal findings indicative of disease states. The laboratory sessions will focus on practicing and mastering the skills needed to competently perform both the medical interview and a thorough head to toe physical examination, as well as documentation techniques - 15 week session. Fall I - Phase I. Successful completion of both the theory and lab components of the course is required to pass the course.


6.00 units


PAL 5111 - lab