Academic Catalog 2019-20

HONO 3011 STA: Ireland Text/Image/Experience

**Study Travel Course** This course has an interdisciplinary focus and combines international travel to and on-site learning in Northern Ireland, UK and the Republic of Ireland in May, 2012. The course meetings will feature traditional class lectures, discussion, films, as well as independent reading and research outside of class. The objective of the course is to provide students with an understanding of Ireland's history, politics, religious conflicts, social customs and culture, both past and present. Travel will include visits to both Belfast and Dublin, as well as to archaeological sites such as the Legananny Dolmen and the Rock of Cashel, natural wonders such as the Giant's Causeway and the Gap of Dunloe, and cultural sites such as the Ulster History Park and the St. Patrick Heritage Center. Students and faculty will meet for several class sessions prior to the trip during Spring, 2012, will travel together throughout Ireland, and will have one, post-trip reunion meeting. The course provides opportunities to learn cognitively and experientially by applying both the knowledge gleaned from written reference sources and first hand travel experience to the study of Ireland. Course may be taken for 1-3 units.


3.00 units

Cross Listed Courses

HCS 3611