Academic Catalog 2019-20

HIST 1015 Africa: Past and Present

A survey of the origins and development of early modern and modern Africa designed to create a foundational understanding of contemporary Africa’s history, politics, economics, and culture. In addition, this course will utilize methodologies which promote engagement with local and/or global communities to enhance civic knowledge and/or improve student civic skills relevant to Africa. Much of what is reported about Africa in today’s media is rooted in western stereotypes and reveals a dearth in contextual understanding. In order to better understand this continent, three general time periods will be emphasized: pre-European contact, the colonial period, and the post-colonial (or nationalization) period. Key themes include, but are not limited to African political and environmental history, the impact of Islam and Christianity, trade, and the impact of the slave trade.


4.00 units

Cross Listed Courses

HIST 3015