Academic Catalog 2019-20

GPH 3000 Foundations of Global Public Health

This course applies a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the global to local outcomes, determinants, and solutions to population health issues that transcend national boundaries. The core tenets of global public health are examined using a hands-on approach, including insights into the fields of epidemiology, health behavior, education, and promotion, environmental health, biostatistics, and health policy. This course also includes a survey of the health professions through a series of guest speakers, including epidemiologists, community health workers, researchers, physicians, policy makers, physician assistants, and others. Professional development activities will include exploring professional interests, developing informational interview skills, and presentation skills - 4 lecture hours. This course is open to students from all disciplines. Student may take GPH 1000 for lower division credit or GPH 3000 for upper division credit.


4.00 units

Cross Listed Courses

GPH 1000