Academic Catalog 2019-20

CP 5219 Human Diversity

Exploration of issues of human diversity and mental health will be included in this course. Topics include: human diversity as it relates to socio-economic, social stress and society, culture, ethnicity, age and development, gender and sexuality, spirituality, DSM diagnoses, and other cultural mores, competencies, sensitivities, values and linguistic differences. There will be a special focus on the implications of human diversity issues on therapeutic and interpersonal relationships. Utilization of appropriate community resources will be addressed. (The following questions will be addressed: What stereotypes, perceptions, and beliefs are held about culturally different groups? What influence does this have on how you relate to others? What are the worldviews you may bring to the clinical encounter and to your role as a professional counselor? Without such an awareness and understanding, psychotherapists may inadvertently assume that everyone shares their worldview. When this happens, clinicians may become guilty of cultural oppression, imposing values on their culturally different clients.) This course is restricted to students In the Counseling Psychology Graduate Program.


2.00 units