Academic Catalog 2019-20

CP 5216 Alcohol and Substance Abuse

An integrative biopsychosocial model for the etiology, assessment and treatment of substance abuse. Topics include: commonly abused substances and trends in drug use; medical aspects of drug use; harm reduction; relapse prevention; legal issues; the relationship of social stress to drug use; co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders; and the effect of substance use on the individual, family, and community members. Best practice for evaluation and treatment are studied as applied to diverse cultural and socio-economic groups with an emphasis on at risk populations. In order to further health, healthy functioning and resilience, common resources available for treating alcohol and drug abuse will include speakers from community agencies and consumers of mental health services. Students not enrolled in the Counseling Psychology program must have recommendations from current professors and apply to the Department Chair who in consultation with the instructor may provide approval.


2.00 units