Academic Catalog 2019-20

BUS 3024 Marketing

Understanding, creating, communicating, and delivering customer value and satisfaction are at the very core of modern marketing thinking and practice. The marketer’s role is to build a portfolio of products or services that bring value to targeted customers, to be able to assess that value and price accordingly, and to plan for the effective distribution of the goods. This course is designed to introduce students to core marketing concepts and functions in modern firms. Discussions will involve the role of marketing and business environment in which firms face their primary challenges and opportunities; strategic considerations including segmentation, targeting, and positioning; and specific marketing mix decisions to help execute a marketing strategy effectively. Case study and simulation will be used to bridge the gap between theory and praxis, emphasizing the application of marketing concepts and theories. Emphasis will also be placed on describing the marketing process and the implications of these activities for society. Prerequisite: BUS 2003 and BUS 2030. Students may take concurrently with Instructor’s approval.


4.00 units