Adult Degree Completion Program in Management (BA)


Management majors are required to complete MATH 1350 or its equivalent prior to taking BUS 4110, BUS 4115, or BUS 4120. Please see the Adult Degree Completion Program Math Placement Policy.

Required Courses

BUS 4100Information Technology for Managers

3.00 units

BUS 4110Stats & Research/Decision Making

3.00 units

BUS 4115Economics for Business

3.00 units

BUS 4120Financial Accounting for Managers

3.00 units

BUS 4130Managerial Accounting for Managers

3.00 units

BUS 4135Financial Management & Analysis

3.00 units

BUS 4140Organizational Behavior & Structure

3.00 units

BUS 4155Business Communications: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

3.00 units

BUS 4165Leadership & Change Management

3.00 units

BUS 4180Marketing Management

3.00 units

BUS 4195Strategic Management: Capstone Project

3.00 units

Total Credit Hours: 33

The following courses also fulfill the General Education (GE) requirements as noted:

BUS 4110: Mathematical Thinking & Quantitative Reasoning

BUS 4115: Social Science


Transfer credits with a grade of ‘C’ or higher may apply to the Management major.

Students may apply one 'D' earned at Dominican University of California to the major. All other work must be a 'C-' or better, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the major.

Courses completed more than seven years before matriculation at DUC are typically not accepted in transfer because they are not considered to reflect current business theory and practice. Half of the units for the major must be taken at DUC.

Upper Division Adult Degree Completion Program Requirement

The Adult Degree Completion Program undergraduate BA in Management currently requires 48 upper division units. Thirty-three (33) of these units are included in the major with the remaining 15 units to be completed through upper division GE or Elective courses.

Degree completion students may have taken lower division courses that cover some of the material in the major. These courses will usually be Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. (Note: Statistics would not generally meet the Statistics and Research class requirement.)

When such lower division work has been completed within the last seven years with a grade of 'C' or better (a 'B' is needed for 4+1 prerequisite equivalency), upper division elective business classes should be used to meet the 33 units of upper division Business courses required in the Management degree. A partial list of eligible courses would include business electives offered in the Adult Degree Completion Program, courses in the new catalog not required under an old catalog, courses offered in the Day BA in Business Administration program, online consortium, and off-campus offerings. All of these are substitutions and need the chair's signature.