Adult Degree Completion Program 4+1 Management Program (BA-to-MBA)

Adult Degree Completion (ADC) Management majors have the 4+1 option, which accelerates the pursuit of an MBA degree, while completing their BA in Management. The Barowsky School of Business has a unique and exciting BA-to-MBA Program, which allows mid-career professionals enrolled in the ADC-BA in Management to enroll in up to four MBA courses to be used as elective units toward the BA degree, replacing four undergraduate 3-unit courses.

Also, ADC students who meet the admission requirements to the ADC 4+1 MBA program may apply those same 12-units toward the MBA.  When ADC students complete the undergraduate degree requirements, the BA degree will be conferred. Then, students continue as MBA students to complete their graduate degree.

BA-to-MBA Program students may matriculate into the MBA program in the fall or spring semester following completion of the BA degree. 4+1 students will participate in the MBA Orientation Boot Camp when they begin in the MBA program. BA graduates must enroll into the MBA program within one year following their undergraduate graduation to retain the waiver for the MBA courses. If students do not retain continuous enrollment from the BA to the MBA program, degree requirements are subject to change as the BA and/or the MBA program curricula are updated.

General Requirements for Admission to the 4+1 Program:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3
  2. Junior standing (60 units completed)
  3. Prerequisite courses for the MBA are Economics and Statistics, completed with a 'B' (3.0) or better
  4. Completed a minimum of twelve (12) upper division units
  5. The following courses in the Management major also fulfill General Education requirements as noted:
    1. BUS 4110: Stats and Research/Decision Making (3 units): Math Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning
    2. BUS 4115: Economics (3 units): Social Science
  6. Transfer units in Accounting and Finance are applied to the Management undergraduate major

Twelve (12) MBA units may apply toward the ADC Management major, and will be applied as upper division units. A maximum of twelve (12) graduate units may be taken at the undergraduate level; this includes graduate prerequisite classes - all 5000 level classes.