Periods of time are set aside each semester during which each student registers for the upcoming semester. The dates of these periods are listed in the Academic Calendar.

Online Priority Registration is open to all continuing students who are in good standing. This week-long period occurs near mid-term in the semester prior to the one for which registration is being conducted.

Open Registration is a longer period of time during which continuing students, students returning after a leave, students entering a new graduate program, and new students may register. Students registering during this period may register online after consulting with an academic advisor. New students are assigned special dates for placement testing, advising, and registration to be determined by the University annually.

Late Registration is offered after the close of Open Registration as a final opportunity to those continuing students who did not meet the deadlines of the earlier registration periods. Late registrants are ineligible for online registration and are subject to a late registration fee. Late enrollment is subject to space availability. Beginning on the first day of the term, registration requires the written permission of each instructor.

Requirements for Registration

Registration for incoming Freshmen students is coordinated by the Academic Advising and Achievement Center.  The only requirement for Freshmen students prior to registration is that they have been accepted and have paid their deposit through the Office of Admissions.  Instructions for online registration will be provided.

Before registering, all other students are expected to:

  • Meet with their academic advisor(s)
  • Pay all University bills due or arrange a suitable payment plan with Business Services
  • Utilize the Advising Session document to register online in Self-Service

Changes in Registration: Semester-Long Courses

Students who registered online may add or drop courses online via Self-Service before the first day of the semester, or by submitting an Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office before the deadlines published in the Academic Calendar. Students returning from a leave of absence may add or drop courses only by submitting an Add/Drop form; they do not have access to online registration until their second semester registration.

To add or drop a course after the term has started, all students must submit an Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office, prior to the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. To add a course after the start of the term, the student must also obtain the signature of the instructor on the Add form. The instructor’s permission to drop or withdraw from a course is not required, though it is strongly recommended that students notify their academic advisor of any changes to the agreed-upon class schedule.

Changes in the number of units in which a student is enrolled may impact financial aid, tuition, student visa status, athletic eligibility, degree progress, and/or veteran’s benefits. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the appropriate office regarding such impacts when changing the number of enrolled units.

After the Add/Drop deadline has passed, students may withdraw from a course until the withdraw deadline, but they may not drop a course; please see the online Academic Calendar on the Dominican University website ( for these deadlines. Withdrawing from a course means that a student is still enrolled in the course, but will have been assigned a grade of ‘W.’ For further information regarding the ‘W’ grade, please see the Grading System section of this catalog. Please note that, while still enrolled in a course, the student will not receive credit for a course with a ‘W;’ it is the student’s responsibility to consult with Financial Aid regarding the impact a ‘W’ grade may have on their Financial Aid package.

For students who wish to drop all of their courses, please see the Withdrawal and Leave of Absence sections of this catalog.

Changes in Registration: Short-Term Courses

If a course meets for less than the full semester, the last day to add the course is the Monday following the first meeting. Beginning on the first day of the term, students who wish to add a short-term course must submit an Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office with the instructor’s signature, even if that specific course  has not started.

The deadline to drop a short-term course is the day of the first course meeting (or the Friday before the first course, if the course begins on a Saturday or a Sunday). Once the course has met for the first time, students may only withdraw from the course, they may not drop the course.

Financial Obligation

Financial obligation for tuition and fees related to registration is not waived or canceled by a student's failure to attend courses. All official procedures must be observed, and reference should be made to the Tuition Refund Policy found on the Dominican University website ( Students should note that making changes to their course schedules after the official Add/Drop deadline, with the possible exception of a full withdrawal from all courses in that semester within the allowable period, may not result in any changes to their financial aid awards for that semester.