The Dominican Experience

The Dominican Experience embodies our commitment to the personal and academic success of every student. To support students’ flourishing in college and beyond, we promise that every student will engage in four cornerstone experiences: integrative coaching, digital portfolio development, community engagement, and signature work. Together, these evidence-based practices integrate knowledge with hands-on experiences, the curriculum with the co-curriculum, and the liberal arts with the professions.

Integrative Coaching
It takes more than classroom learning to succeed in college. To ensure a holistic and meaningful experience for every student, Integrative Coaches begin mentoring students before they step foot on campus and continue one-on-one academic and personal support all four years. With guidance from an Integrative Coach, every student drafts a digital portfolio; develops an education plan and a career plan; hones college and life skills; and pairs with a Peer Mentor and a Career Mentor.

Digital Portfolio
Every student crafts and refines a digital portfolio––essentially, a personal website––to showcase reflections on their learning, milestone assignments, an education plan, and a career plan. Integrative Coaches and Peer Mentors provide technical and content support from day one. Dominican alumni own their digital portfolios, so they may share them with prospective employers and graduate schools.

Community Engagement

Connecting the classroom, campus, and community through reciprocal partnerships, every student engages in service-learning; global learning; internships, clinicals, and fieldwork; project-based learning and teamwork; or community-based research. The Center for University Partnerships and Community Engagement is dedicated to maintaining community
partnerships that are good for students and good for the world.

Signature Work

Theses, capstones, and senior projects are types of signature work, intended to integrate every student’s classroom learning with applied, real-world experience. Student inquiry and personal interest drive every original project, be it written, illustrated, or performed. Dominican’s annual Scholarly and Creative Works Conference convenes student scholars and artists to share and celebrate their signature work.